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This is a wiki about comics and stories! Anyone can make comics and share to the world! Bloomerang's waiting for you! 

Plantville News: What's New?

  • We need more admins! Leave a message on Bloomerang's message wall to be one! Visit this blog post  to know more details.
  • We are going to make comics AND stories, so you can enjoy lots of stuff!


I know that you're complaining when you read the title of this section, but you've got to have them, right?

YOU can make comics and stories as long as you follow these rules:

Comic/Story Making Rules

  1. Each comic/story must have PvZ and/or PvZ2 characters.
  2. Do not copy other's comics/stories.
  3. No rude language!
  4. No off-topic and spam-related comics/stories!

These are the basic wiki rules:

Wiki Rules

  1. No vandalizing!
  2. No editing unfairly!
  3. No cheating for achievements!
  4. No rude language!
  5. No spamming!

If you did one of these, you will be blocked for 1 day. If you did it again, you will be blocked for 5 days. If you did it more than three times, you will be banned. So following the rules is always the best choice!

Other Stuff

Plantville News: What's the Latest Activities?

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